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Mar 21, 2023 handleblog

This is a draft post

I've been hosting WordPress blogs for me and my wife on AWS EC2 for quite some time. While it isn't horribly expensive, it costs more than I really want to pay for two blogs with pretty limited audiences. At first, I started with a serverless blog engine based purely on AWS S3 and markdown with the assumption that this would "work" while using basically zero compute resources since everything would be stored as HTML in S3. Pretty quickly I switched from HTML to JSON and then realized just how much metadata you needed for navigating posts in a blog so I threw out the "zero compute" idea. Finally, I wanted to be able to leverage themes built on static HTML/CSS so I decided handlebars was a great starting point for theming.

This blog is currently using 4 projects:

  • streetlight-tech/aws: CloudFormation templates for configuring AWS resources to support GitHub Actions pipelines.
  • handleblog: Node.js/TypeScript core module providing object types, interfaces, and orchestrations.
  • handleblog-aws: Node.js/TypeScript implementation of administration and rendering APIs hosted on AWS Lambda/API Gateway, content hosting in S3/CloudFront, and Cognito IDP.
  • handleblog-react: React.js/TypeScript front end.