Orlando Code Camp 2019 – Little Services, Big Apps

Mar 30, 2019

Today, I was fortunate to present on microservices at Orlando Code Camp. I think this was my 5th straight year speaking at Code Camp, but it has definitely been long enough that I am now not sure ow long it has been. First of all, I'd like to thank the folks at the Orlando .Net Users Group for inviting me back to speak yet again. More so, I would like to thank the great group that showed up to hear my presentation, "Microservices – Little Services, Big Apps". It was very humbling to have such a packed room and I hope everyone learned something or was at least mildly entertained. For those of you who attended, the slide deck is below. For those of you who did not attend and arrived here some other way, you can also find the slides but they will probably be far less interesting. I don't normally record these sessions because I always try to capture a certain amount of technical Zeitgeist both from the current technology landscape and my current professional experience. Also, I feel like these community events deserve a certain amount of exclusivity for those who are able to attend. Over time, most of the content will be posted on my blog one way or another (if it hasn't been already).

Orlando Code Camp 2019 - Little Services, Big Apps

Orlando Code Camp 2019 Presentation Deck